Dr Uroš Kranjc is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow at the Department of Politics, University of York, UK. His project entitled “Institutions and Society: Towards a Critical Theory of Economic Institutions” is carried out under the supervision of Prof. Werner Bonefeld.

After finishing his BSc in Economics (Actuality of J.K. Galbraithʼs Ideas in the 21st Century), he was highly influenced by Galbraithʼs insight into institutions and their divorce from real-life situations. Reading Galbraith pushed him to critically study the epistemological grounds of economics, in order to find the most adequate philosophical framework for probing the innermost conceptual core of economics as a science during his philosophical studies. His PhD in philosophy concluded with a thesis on “Economics between Politics and Science.”

His academic articles were published in renowned journals, both philosophical and economical, such as Cosmos and History, Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review, Critical Horizons, Filozofski Vestnik and others.

His postdoctoral research on Institutions and Society is a culmination of years of study, focusing on the critical theory of economic institutions. The project represents a contribution to the understanding of economic institutions from a variety of disciplinary fields (economics, philosophy, mathematics, and sociology) and a multidisciplinary account of their social validity, economic function, ethical normativity, and political foundation. Its aim is not to model, but to scrutinize the conceptual character and identity of economic institutions as socially constituted structures that form a relation framework for social action.

Research interests: History of Economic Thought, Heterodox Economics, Political Philosophy, International Political Economy, Continental Philosophy, Historical Sociology, Mathematics (Set theory and Category theory)

Contact: uri.kranjc@gmail.com