December 20, 2021

Magnitudes in Badiouʼs Objective Phenomenology and Economic Consumer Choice

In the background of our investigation we will succumb to a provisional thesis, which will also act as the proximate aim of this article: The “marginalist revolution” does not resemble the Copernican type of a revolution – an absolute modification of the scientific field.
October 25, 2021

The discontinuity between value and price form: tracking the subtraction of the qualitative

In this article, we will try to trace, illuminate and articulate the “scientific break” from the objective to subjective value that occurred when economic science progressed from its classical period, proceeding by its critique (of political economy) and finishing up with the marginalist revolution.
October 25, 2021

On the Notions of Police/State (of Situation): An Economic Perspective in Light of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

In this essay we thus propose a juxtaposition of Hegel’s vis-à-vis Badiou’s or Rancière’s position on the notions Police/State of Situation and Corporation by highlighting Hegel’s affinity to political economy and his progression towards the institutions of the state, focusing primarily on economical notions.